Behind-The Scenes Peek at Founder’s Shoe-Buying Trip to Brazil

Chris checking out some flats with lattice patterns

Chris Luhur, founder of —a web store that sells stylish and walkable flats, sandals, boots and low and mid-heeled shoes of the highest quality—has been chronicling her shoe-buying trip to Brazil. Chris personally scours the globe to curate a unique online shoe boutique that delivers a selection of shoes that are fun, functional AND fashionable.  On her “Chris & Tell” section of Scarpasa’s “Footnotes” blog, there are four posts about the trip – giving readers a behind-the-scenes peek at the trip .  Some prevalent trends she has noticed at the shoe fairs include neon colors and lattice patterns.  What do you think of neon shoes – yay or nay?

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Fearless Friday: Limited Edition Geox Heel Has Me In An Empire State Of Mind

I have fallen head over heels in love with NYC since moving there in January, and while it’s nice to be back home in Kansas for a few weeks, I have to say that I pine for the city.  When I saw these Empire State Building heels by Italian shoe brand Geox, I actually gasped.  Not only do I LOVE that the entire shoe sparkles, but this is the ultimate tribute to the allure and glamour of the city that never sleeps.  Don’t you think these should have made an appearance in SATC2?!

According to GlamChic, Geox launched this limited edition collection of footwear inspired by the Empire State Building for Spring 2010.  Each pair includes a 5″ heel, which is available in gold and silver, and is shaped like the iconic building.  Get your own for $230 at Geox’s store on West 34th Street, right across from the landmark that inspired them.  And what better time to celebrate the Big Apple?  This year also marks the 25th anniversary of New York, New York becoming the official song of NYC.

Does this shoe make you want to visit or even move to New York?  Do you want a pair of your own?

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Product Review: IdealHeel Stiletto Protector

Ideal Heel "Practice Safe Steps"

When I’m heading out on the town in high heels, I often cringe with every step, knowing obstacles such as street grates, cracks, and cobblestone lie ahead.  Nothing ruins my day like a new scuff or gouge on my beloved heels.  That’s why, when I heard about IdealHeel I was intrigued to learn more and try them for myself.  Basically, IdealHeel is a sturdy rubber accessory that slips easily over stiletto heels to protect them from damage, so you can “Practice Safe Steps”.  Sounds great, right?  Let’s put them to the test…

I tried the IdealHeel on my Giuseppe Zanotti pumps

I received the two pairs of IdealHeel pictured above for review – one Medium in brown and one Tall in black.  Medium IdealHeel is great for 2″-3″ high heels, while Tall is more suitable for heels up to 4″ high.  I slipped the Tall IdealHeel protectors over my new Giuseppe Zanotti leopard pumps (bought from ElisaV’s eBay store, still gushing!) and went on a walk around the block.

IdealHeel slips on easily

I’m pleasantly surprised that the protectors don’t make my shoes look ugly, in fact I kind of like the thicker heel!  They are sturdy and have good traction on gravel and in the grass.  I can easily slip them off my shoes and throw them in my bag when I reach my destination.

Verdict: A+ Seriously, IdealHeel is the best heel protector I’ve tried because it protects the entire heel and it seems durable too!  The only downside is that IdealHeel is made to fit standard pumps and stilettos, so if the bottom of your heel is wider than a dime, or if the heel is dramatically wider at the top, your heels may be too thick for this product.

GET YOUR OWN NOW for just $12.99 per pair at!  IdealHeel is currently available in 2 sizes and in black, dark brown, camel, clear, and pink.

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Create Your Own Perfect Pair At Lanalia Shoes (Exclusive Coupon Code!)

Lanalia 'Roma'

Perfect for the fashionable bride-to-be and any woman who enjoys owning one-of-a-kind footwear, Lanalia shoes gives women the ability to fully personalize their purchases, from choosing a desired heel height and color to the crystal decoration.  Every pair is handcrafted and hand-sewn in the heart of Los Angeles, California and decorated with Swarovski Elements crystals.  Lanalia provides on-trend styles with a mix of luxury and practicality.  But these shoes aren’t only gorgeous – each one features a full-length cushion of Poron, a NASA-created high-density cushioning with built-in arch support.  Your feet will stay dry and cool throughout the day thanks to the Napa leather lining.

The price of the shoes falls between $265 and $725, which is fair given this is quite an investment that you will treasure for years to come.  But to sweeten the deal, Lanalia is offering a special promotion exclusive to Shoe Smitten readers: 10% off at with coupon code Smitten12, Expires 12/12/10

Create your own perfect shoes at!

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It’s My Birthday, I’ll Eat Shoe Cake If I Want To

a delicious shoe cake creation by Shinmin Li from I Dream of Cake in San Francisco

At 11:45pm tonight I will officially turn 24.  No, that’s not my actual birthday cake pictured above.  In fact, there are rumors around here that I will be getting a birthday pie instead.  What’s that?  You want to know what’s on my birthday wishlist?  Check out my birthday wishlist on!  Number one on my list is a pair of black patent platform Christian Louboutin pumps, because every woman should own at least a pair!  I don’t expect to receive any of these shoes as a gift, but it’s fun to wish upon a star…

I’m visiting family and friends in Kansas for the month, and next weekend is the birthday celebration with my girlfriends! I’ll have to report back on my birthday spoils and chosen outfit for the night out.  Thanks for sticking with me, and as always if you’re in the mood to get in touch, email me!  I’d love to hear from you!!!

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