Show and Tell: How Many Shoes Do YOU Own?

My number is…79

When was the last time you counted the number of shoes in your closet?  Do you use shoes to decorate your living space?  This weekend I challenge you to take a picture of your shoe collection (no cleaning or organizing necessary).  Then, share your photo below in the comments (using Flickr or whatever other image hosting site you like) or email your photo to me and I’ll post it.  Let’s see how shoe-smitten you really are!

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  • Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum

    At the moment we own 11103 pairs and singles and our collection is growing every day!

  • Jennifer

    I have about 49 pairs of shoes.
    (which is significantly less than your collection-
    but still a lot- especially in a studio apartment)
    fun stuff!
    love your blog!