Pint-sized Pup with a Dragon-sized Heart

So have you met my new puppy?!  He’s a 9-week-old teeny-tiny bundle of love, and of course with the fun and cuddling comes lots of work.  He just so happens to love shoes almost as much as I do, which is why the shoe racks had to be moved into the closet.  I woke the cutie from his nap to pose with my equally charming Melissa Lady Dragon shoes I got for $3 (see how here), but even when tired he doesn’t stay still for long.

How can one resist those puppy dog eyes?!  So distractions are many in the Shoe Smitten household, and between Jeeves the PomChi and my move to Pittsburgh last month, my mind has been on things besides buying shoes.  But enough excuses.  Images of designer heels are once again invading my dreams, and so it is time to get on with the shoe blogging!

What do you think, should I bring back the video blogs? Perhaps Jeeves can make an appearance…

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  • Your esteemed father…

    Great post! Cute critter! You two are a pair!!