Unique Small Shoes for a Wedding Big On Style (Guest Post)

Today’s brides are often looking for something special; a wedding that truly reflects their personalities and interests. Distinctive theme weddings and unusual wedding locations are becoming increasingly popular. Here is a look at a few unique wedding options along with… Continue Reading

One Shoe, Five Ways GIVEAWAY at ideeli

It’s hard to believe that the Shoetopia week at ideeli is nearing an end!  But don’t despair, because ideeli is hosting an exciting giveaway today curated by yours truly, Shoe Smitten!  The winner of this giveaway will take home a $500 ideeli gift… Continue Reading

5 Budget-Friendly Summer Espadrilles Under $50

Espadrilles are summer’s go-to footwear style, and they also happen to be my personal favorite. Espadrilles are available in every shape and height, and the jute rope soles lend a laid-back feel to everything from capris to maxi skirts and… Continue Reading

FN Shoe Star Finale Episode & Twitter Party

Congratulations again to Rachel for becoming the next FN Shoe Star and landing a job with Brown Shoe. Rachel along with the other designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology have shown incredible skill and passion and will no doubt be successful in… Continue Reading