High On Kryptonite This Valentine’s Day

Say hello to my latest object of desire, Christian Louboutin Kryptonite Spike Pumps.  Don’t try to feed this barbed beauty any of that lovey-dovey stuff this Valentine’s Day.  She’s tough and independent and knows what she wants.  Brace yourself when you see her approaching because her magnetic charm will leave you weak in the knees!

Available for $1595 at Saks.

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  • http://www.thehoneyroom.com/ The Honeyroom

    What a fab shoe, perfect for a little black dress!

  • http://stilettology.blogspot.com/ Adrian FS

    Just saw this shoe tonight on other blog. It’s simply breathtaking..! What’s a Louboutin without its Spike ^^

  • http://www.roddyjones.com/ Roddy Jones

    Love these! I agree with Honeyroom, great with a little black dress. Can we say Sexy…..

  • http://www.champagneshoes.org/ Diana

    Do they make these in Champagne Color? They would go with alot of different colors.

  • http://urbansurfer.co.uk/6-mens-skate-shoes Shoes Lover

    Would not like to get on the wrong side of my women in those shoes!

  • http://www.mypurplelaptop.com/purple-shoes Purple Shoes

    Please tell me they are not sharp!