Show and Tell: Marion Shares Her Shoe Room

If you didn’t already send me a photo of your shoe collection, do so and I’ll post it. Go to the original post, and tell me: How many shoes do YOU own?? I’m delighted to share with you another reader’s shoe collection.  Marion sent in photos of her “Shoe Room”, a downstairs junk room that she transformed into a shoe lover’s paradise!  I spy at least one pair of Christian Louboutins, and I love the paintings of stilettos on the wall.  Here is a woman who is truly smitten with shoes!

Show And Tell: Ellen of ITSDF Shares Her Shoe Closet

Over the weekend, I had some fun looking at a couple of your responses to my Show and Tell post.  You ladies have some seriously enviable shoe collections, and you’re pretty well organized to boot!  For instance, take a look at Ellen’s overflowing shoe collection, with all her stacked clear shoe boxes. “My closet is a sick mess with even more shoes –and boots-and clothes that I’d be embarrassed to show, so I’m actually sending a pic of my “spare bedroom” with my overflow – I admit, the guilt of so many shoes ( and the desire for more) has (read more)

Interview With Mme Weathersby Shoes

1. How did you come up with the idea of creating Mme. Weathersby Shoes? Mme creates apparel, handbags, and footwear, also furniture. The shoes are getting the most buzz at this point. I love history architecture, culture, and all things feminine. That’s where my ideas come from. I can look at a petal, and in my mind, a collection can come forth. 2. Your collection is gorgeous, how do you draw inspiration for your feminine designs? Anything that stands still, planted or moving can inspire me. I love the arts, not so much pop culture. The past inspires me more (read more)

Design and Create Your Own Milk & Honey Shoes (Gift Idea)

The ultimate treat for any shoe lover would be to get to design a gorgeous pair of shoes, from heel to upper.  Well now that is possible, thanks to  Keep reading for a fun Q&A with co-founders and sisters Ilissa and Dorian Howard, and take a peek at my very own Milk & Honey™ creation.  SHOE SMITTEN EXCLUSIVE!  Get free shipping with promo code “shoesmitten” for one week starting today! How did you come up with the idea of creating Milk & Honey™ Shoes? M&H: We’re girls! And we’re high-maintenance! We got so tired of walking through the department (read more)

Q&A With Naya Shoe Designer Kasey Gibbs

Here’s a new shoe line with a conscious that I have been following for some time.  If you’ve been reading my blog you might be familiar with the brand, as I have written about Naya a couple of times before.  I currently own two pairs – the Telluride (Spring 2010) and Bakula (Fall 2010).  Naya keeps producing gorgeous, eco-friendly styles that are as kind to your feet as they are to the earth (and did I mention, they’re GORGEOUS).  The brand’s designer Kasey Gibbs took the time to have a phone chat with me and answer some questions about going (read more)

Talking Beauty and Shoes with Nigel Barker

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Nigel Barker, renowned fashion photographer and judge of America’s Next Top Model.  His new book, Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation, offers beauty and fashion tips for every woman so she can be her best and most beautiful, from the inside out. But the book is much more than just an informative read – it prompts readers to get interactive online at and share their photos and feelings!  So what does this post have to do with shoes?  Read on to find out (Nigel has a thing for shoes!), and (read more)

Q&A With Up-And-Coming Shoe Designer Ryan Haber

“I want women to feel powerful in my shoes, feel sexy, feel unstoppable.” Finally, a footwear designer who understands the love affair women have with their shoes!  I first discovered Ryan Haber on Twitter (@RyanHaber), where his tagline is “You can tell a lot about a woman by the shoes on her feet.”  Ryan has worked for both Steve Madden and BCBGMAXAZRIA, and now he’s taking on the industry with his debut women’s footwear collection, which will be available for purchase at this December.  We’ll all have to wait just a little bit to get our hands on the (read more)

Sammy Davis Talks Vintage Shoes

A few days ago I took a trip to the Sammy D Vintage showroom, and Sammy herself shared with me a few interesting facts about shopping for vintage shoes.  You’d be surprised how many spring and fall trends mimic looks from the past.  And it’s easy to incorporate vintage shoes into your wardrobe.  Just check out the videos below!  I bought the beaded white heels you see!

Interview: Trish Dishes About Her Love of Wedge Heels

Giuseppe Zanotti I96056 (Blue) wedges ($481.14) Today I’d like to focus on a style I rarely feature: the wedge.  From sky-scraping designer wedges to low, modest cork wedges, there are thousands of styles available!  Many times I find myself at a loss for what to wear with this unique style of shoe.  To be completely honest, wedges aren’t my favorite style; I prefer platform pumps and stiletto heels.  But I do understand their value (hey, comfort and height and better balance), so maybe it’s time to delve deeper into how to choose the perfect pair and how to wear them.  (read more)

Interview With Lydia of The Golden Boot

Street view of The Golden Boot in England The Golden Boot is a shoe store in England that has been around for more than 200 years, and has just started a new website for their shoes.  I interviewed Lydia of The Golden Boot (online store: to find out more about the history of this store, and here’s what she had to say: I see The Golden Boot has been around for over 200 years! Can you please tell us a little about the store and what makes it unique? The Golden Boot is the oldest independent shoe retailer in (read more)