LAMO Hardwear Sheepskin Boot Review

Waking up to the chilly morning air reminds me that fall is here and summer is in the rear view mirror.  I’m not too sad to wave farewell to sandals and strappy heels this year because there are so many fun and stylish boots to wear.  Among my fall and winter must-haves is a sheepskin boot for those days when it’s freezing out and a pair of sleek leather boots just won’t do the trick.

Enter the LAMO Hardwear boot, a playful and on-trend mid-calf boot that will be your best friend come winter.  The 9-inch tall boot is crafted of twin faced Australian Sheepskin and  features rows of studs in various sizes that offer a cool contrast to the soft shearling.  I took these boots for a spin for a whole week, and here are my thoughts.


Major Comfort Factor

When I slip on the LAMO Hardwear boots, my feet are met with a soft cushion of padded shearling.  My toes feel like they are wrapped in a warm blanket.  Ahhhh.  Talk about warm and cozy!  Not to mention, the  soles are built to tackle slippery terrain so you don’t have to worry about losing your footing.

Versatile Style

Sheepskin boots are a classic cold-weather style adored by celebrities and fashionistas alike for their laid-back appeal and coziness.  The stud detail on the Hardwear boots offers just enough edge and makes these boots stand out from the other sheepskin boots on the market.  Also, the fact that the boots are black means they will complement any outfit.  I plan on getting plenty of wear out of them this season.

Easy On, Easy Off

Some slip-on boots are too tight to easily slip over jeans or muscular calves, but not these. LAMO Hardwear boots slip on easily and fit like a glove.  Plus, my jeans seem to stay put inside the boots, perhaps thanks to the thick shearling.  No uncomfortable bunching here!


Unglued Embellishments

After two wears, one of the rows of studs started peeling off.  I believe this happened when I was walking and one foot grazed the other, snagging the studs.  Of course this problem is easily fixable with some superglue. However I thought it was important to point out because it’s the only con I discovered.

Overall Impression

I recommend LAMO boots for their amazing warmth and coolness factor.  After just a week, I have already come to love these boots and have secured a front-and-center spot in my winter wardrobe for them.  Your feet will thank you come bitter wind chills and snowy weather.  Wrap your feet in the LAMO Hardwear boot, available for $160.50 at

About LAMO Sheepskin Footwear

LAMO (pronounced Lah-Mow) Sheepskin Footwear created its Fall Winter collection with a generous dose of true Southern California style.  Each pair exudes a distinctly individualized look with allusions to the rich diversity of West Coast culture: from the cool calm beaches to the fast-paced fashion districts.  Established by Joseph Li in 1995, LAMO Footwear has become a fashion staple for a continuously growing number of shoppers who appreciate the brand’s craftsmanship and unique quality.

Disclaimer: The featured product was provided to me at no cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing and review.  Opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by compensation or other means.

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Burnetie City Sport Sneakers Review

As you can probably imagine, whenever possible I’m wearing heels, wedges or a fabulous pair of boots. When it comes to sneakers and athletic-inspired shoes, I generally stick to wearing them at the gym or during sporty outdoor activities.  It takes a special sneaker to catch my eye and work its way into my everyday wardrobe. Well, I may have just found the perfect pair of classic kicks with a twist…say hello to my new Burnetie City Sport sneakers.

The City Sport is a lightweight, lace-up casual shoe with a single-layer mesh upper and leather panels.  I chose a pretty brick red color (dubbed “biking red”) with cream-colored leather strips and rubber sole.  There is plenty of traction for most outdoor activities, and the gel inserts and breathable mesh keep feet comfy all day long.  The laces are skinnier than those on most other sneakers, lending them a more refined feel.  I love how these shoes add a pop of color and look more dressed up than my trainers yet less dressed up than heels – perfect for running around town and chilling on weekends!


The Burnetie City Sport are available in many colors including black, green and purple, and cost between $45 and $90.  Visit for more information and to shop the entire collection.

Disclaimer: The featured product was provided to me at no cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing and review.  Opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by compensation or other means.

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Charmmis Customizable Flip Flops Review

Flip flops are a must-have for the summer months, but sometimes they can get a little boring. However one company offers flip flops that can be instantly updated in a snap.  Charmmis are flip flops that you can customize with interchangeable charms – they’re like earrings for your sandals!  Charmmis offers a variety of charm styles, and they are easy to change with the simple twist.

Pick It

Find a Charmmis charm you like from hundreds of options on their website.  Each charm costs between $3 and $10.

Charm It

It’s easy to install a charm!  Simply insert the charm into the charm lock key hole, hold the charm lock firmly, push down and turn clockwise 1/4 turn to the right to lock the charm into place.

Change It

To take off a charm, hold the charm lock firmly.  Push down on the charm and turn counterclockwise, 1/4 turn to the left, to unlock.  Remove and replace with another charm!

I received a pair of the black Charmmis flip flops with white painted flower charms for review.  The flip flop base reminds me of the wildly popular Havaianas flip flops, but with a more thickly padded sole.  The rubber toe post and strap is comfortable and there is enough traction on the bottom of the sole to prevent slipping around.

The flip flops cost between $16.99 and $39.99, and the charms cost between $3 and $10 a piece.  Visit to see the entire collection and order your own pair.

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LAMO Garden Party Sheepskin Sandals Review

When Los Angeles-based LAMO Footwear asked me if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of shoes from their collection, I was a little hesitant.  Not because I had never heard of the brand, but because it is pretty warm here in Pittsburgh and summer is fast approaching, and I couldn’t imagine slipping my feet into anything sheepskin.  However, I took a look on their website and discovered they have a whole collection of trendy, laid-back sandals that are perfect for summer.  I chose to give the Garden Party sheepskin sandals a try and share with you my thoughts.

First, let me say these sandals are extremely comfy!  I like how there is an adjustable buckle strap for a perfect fit, and the leather toe post doesn’t rub like most.  What makes these LAMO sandals unique is the soft, breathable sheepskin lining the top of the sandal, which prevents any uncomfortable rubbing.  The sueded microfiber footbed is extremely light and flexible enough yet firm, and there is enough traction on the soles to prevent any slipping around on wet grass or smooth tile floors.  Not to mention these sandals are super cute, featuring a trendy patch of linen and wear-with-everything white leather.

The Garden Party comes in white & chocolate and in sizes 5-11, and retails for $69.  Be sure to follow LAMO footwear on Facebook, and shop the entire collection at

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Butterfly Twists Foldable Ballerina Flats

I have tried countess roll-up and foldable ballerina flats over the past few years.  Some were pretty good for hanging around the house, but I wouldn’t trust most of them for running around the city.  But I’ve finally found a product that is different.  Butterfly Twists folding ballerinas will stand the test of daily wear.

Butterfly Twists is a London-based company born out of a desire to create versatile footwear that is easy on a girl’s wallet.  While they may appear flimsy, each pair features a moisture-absorbing insole, a lightweight, skid-resistant sole, and a latex heel cushion for comfort and support.

I received a pair of the foldable Valerie lace Butterfly Twists ballerinas for review, and they came in a lovely little box that, when opened, reveals two carefully-packaged flats and a satiny carrying case.  I’ve worn them out shopping and also out to walk the dog, and they held their own.  I don’t think I’d wear them all day to work, but these are the sturdiest “temporary” flats I’ve owned.

Butterfly Twists ballerina flats come in a variety of colors and patterns and retail from $20 to $35 and are sold in many boutiques and online.  The company is also currently selling foldable boots that are really cute!  For more information and to order, visit

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Charles Jourdan Kiona Platform Pump Review

Charles Jourdan heels are quickly rising to the top of my favorites list, for their striking beauty and surprising comfort.  Each shoe in the Charles Jourdan footwear collection is a stunning work of art.  For example, my latest acquisition is Kiona, a timeless pump updated with the Charles Jourdan sky-high heel and pointed almond toe.

The first thing I notice when taking Kiona out of the box is the chunky wrapped heel, and I hurry to slip them on and stand 5 1/2 inches taller!  I know from my other Charles Jourdan pumps that the substantial (1.5 inch) platform and pillow-soft insole take a lot of the sting out of the high heel.  Yes, they take some time to get used to (practice walking in the mirror), but that’s no different than any other heel.

Next thing that catches my eye is the sultry low-cut vamp and side step.  The seductive cut of the shoe sets it apart from your average black pump!  And Kiona isn’t just a pretty shoe; it is made of the finest materials, including leather lining and sole, and smooth leather upper.

The Charles Jourdan Kiona will be my go-to power pump for when I want to feel particularly fierce and in-charge.  Who could possibly stand in my way when I square off with them wearing these?!

Thanks to Mantimidation Boutique for gifting me these fabulous pumps for review!  You can purchase your own pair of the Charles David Kiona in bronze leather for a discounted price of $123 (retail price = $242).

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Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Fall 2011 Collection Unboxing Video

Ladies, you won’t believe what Dr. Scholl’s Shoes has been up to lately!  Dr. Scholl’s is embarking on a new chapter in its history with the introduction of fall styles that even better address the needs of its active consumers. The iconic brand has been reimagined to offer both the proprietary comfort technology Dr. Scholl’s is known for, combined with modern, handcrafted styling.

In this video, I unbox three of the new shoe styles.  Watch the video, and then comment below – which of the three styles I featured is your favorite?

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Featured in Video:

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Jamie athletic sneaker, $59.99

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Ali ankle boot, $98.99

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Balance wedge bootie, $89.99

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On The Road: Teva Mush Frio Ballerina Mesh Shoes

Last month I took a trip to D.C. to join my mom for a mini-vacation, and since I recently bought a new car I decided to make it a road trip.  Of course, this required some great driving shoes.  Lucky for me, Teva had sent me a pair of their new Baton Rouge-colored Mush Frio Ballerinas to review, and they provided all-day comfort, not to mention they perfectly matched my purple suitcase…quite the stylish coincidence!

Teva’s Mush Flyweights Collection offers the comfort of wearing flip flops long after summer is gone.  The Mush Frio Ballerina Mesh brings all of the things I love about flip flops into a stylish package I can wear all year long.  Plus the shoes are collapsible, so when I arrived in D.C. I had no trouble packing them away.  The next morning I decided to pull them out for a full day of sightseeing, and you should know, these Tevas were made for walking!  I highly recommend the Teva Mush Frio Ballerinas for times when you need shoes that are casual, comfortable and super easy to stash away.

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Kushyfoot Foot Covers and Flats Review

I love my heels, and I wouldn’t give up wearing them for anything or anyone.  Seriously. But every fashion lover has to give her feet a bit of a break from time to time.  Enter Kushyfoot, a brand offering a collection of affordable, innovative legwear and footwear featuring a unique foot-massaging sole. Kushyfoot wanted me to share my opinion of a couple of their products, the Kushyfoot Flats To Go and the Kushyfoot Foot Covers.  Have you tried any Kushyfoot products?  Let me know in the comments below!

The Kushyfoot Flats To Go are adorable in gold, there’s no question there.  They are the perfect lightweight flats to grab on your way out the door, just in case you need temporary relief from your heels.  But when I wore them for just a few minutes around the house, the elastic back felt scratchy on my feet.  And while the foldaway style is convenient space-wise, in my opinion they are little more than slightly reinforced socks.  I wouldn’t recommend trekking long distances in them outside, but they’d work for a quick sprint from the party to your car, provided the path is clear of debris.  Overall, the Flats To Go are decent for very short trips, but I still prefer my sturdy and comfy Relax Missy Foldable Flats.

The Kushyfoot Foot Covers were made to provide padding that massages the balls of your feet while you walk to relieve tension and fatigue.  When you take one in your hand and look at it, the padding looks like the inside padding of a bra cup, sewn into a lace sock.  Clever!  I tried my nude lace foot covers with one of my less-comfortable pairs of heels, and I have to say I was impressed what a little extra padding can do.  I let the lace stick out a bit just for fun, and the covers stayed in place while I shopped in the mall.

Check out more Kushyfoot products at

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Biviel’s Bv2780 Suede Mary Jane Pump is Modern, Classy

When it comes to classic women’s shoes, a mary jane pump is the versatile dress option of choice.  So I was excited to receive the Biviel Bv2780 Mary Jane Pump for review.  It is a modern twist on the classic, adding a platform and high heel for a bit of va-va-voom.  I love the gathered material toward the back of the heel, and the brown suede is buttery-smooth.  Pair it with skirts and capris for an on-trend look. $150 at

Biviel is the young and more affordable collection of Blas Agulló.  The shoes are designed as “feminine relaxed” to be flexible and comfortable but always elegant.  So if you’re looking for high Spanish style at a great price, Biviel is your go-to brand!

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