How to Keep Athletic Shoes Fresh

If you’re like me, the start of the summer season has you scrambling to get in swimsuit shape. That means your running shoes and gym sneakers are probably taking a real beating this month. Sweat and grime are inevitable, but with a few simple steps, you can prolong the life of your athletic shoes. My latest article on provides you with 8 Ways to Keep Athletic Shoes Fresh. Take a look and then let me know, how do you show your athletic shoes the TLC they need?

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Seven Unique Ways to Organize Shoes

Seven Unique Ways to Organize Shoes -
Seven Unique Ways to Organize Shoes –

Ladies, if your closet looks like this picture, I am very proud of you!  But if you’re anything like me, organizing your shoe wardrobe has never been easy.  Clothes strewn across the floor, empty shoe boxes and shoes missing their matches are enough to drive any woman mad.  Add small square footage to the equation, and you’ve got the perfect storm.

If you need help organizing shoes in your home, you might enjoy my latest article on, “Seven Unique Ways to Organize Shoes“.  Take a look and let me know which methods you try!

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NeatContainers Stackable Shoe Storage

I am always on the hunt for the easiest, most attractive way to display and store all of my beloved shoes.  So when I was googling one day and stumbled across NeatContainers’ stackable shoe storage system, I had to give them a try!  I emailed the company, not sure what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised to hear within minutes from Ron.  He sent me the POD 20 pc Standard Kit to try the system and share my thoughts with you.

My closet never looked so organized :)  Though I need many more of these boxes for all of my shoes!

Now that I’ve put together my NeatContainers shoe kit, I have to tell you that I am ready to buy about 50 more of the boxes because, this storage system simply rocks! Here’s why…

What’s So Awesome About NeatContainers?

I can see all of my shoes without opening a box, and each box can be pulled out like a drawer for easy access

NeatContainers save space (and if you ask me, sanity) with their patented drawer-like design.  Their high quality, stackable shoe boxes and clear storage boxes create the perfect closet organizer in minutes.  They are the only stackable shoe box container system available that lets you remove and open individual storage pods from a stack without collapsing or disturbing nearby stacks.

These stackable shoe boxes will fit any size space, from the tiniest apartment or dorm room to the most lavish walk-in closet.  What’s more, all NeatContainer products are made in the USA.

How Do They Work?

“Take one away, the rest will stay”

Assembly was super easy (once I watched this easy instructional video) and I love that there were  no tools required.  All you have to do is put all the boxes together by slipping the tabs of one half into the other and fitting them together.  Once you have all of the boxes assembled you can  stack up the boxes however you like to fit the space you have available.  When you want to take out a pair, simply pull the box straight out like a drawer!

While NeatContainers’ shoe kits are a bit pricey (the Standard Kit is $49.99 for 20 pieces), I would argue it’s money well spent versus other shoe storage boxes.  These boxes are sturdy and the innovative design makes keeping track of all your shoes SO much easier! For all you fashion lovers out there, I highly recommend the shoe and boot kit. And don’t just use these NeatContainers to store footwear; use them to organize your scarves, belts, purses, and other accessories.  Learn more about NeatContainers and organize your closet today at

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Organize Your Shoes The Tszuji Way!

Perhaps it’s a bit ridiculous for me to say that a few shoe shelves and boxes have changed my life…but they have!  About a week ago, a company named Tszuji offered me the chance to review a few of its shoe storage products, and you can see the results above.  Read my full review and see more photos at my new blog  It’s necessary for shoe lovers to be well-organized, and the products from Tszuji are sturdy, easy to assemble and great investments to make!

Order your own shoe organizers at

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Product Review: IdealHeel Stiletto Protector

Ideal Heel "Practice Safe Steps"

When I’m heading out on the town in high heels, I often cringe with every step, knowing obstacles such as street grates, cracks, and cobblestone lie ahead.  Nothing ruins my day like a new scuff or gouge on my beloved heels.  That’s why, when I heard about IdealHeel I was intrigued to learn more and try them for myself.  Basically, IdealHeel is a sturdy rubber accessory that slips easily over stiletto heels to protect them from damage, so you can “Practice Safe Steps”.  Sounds great, right?  Let’s put them to the test…

I tried the IdealHeel on my Giuseppe Zanotti pumps

I received the two pairs of IdealHeel pictured above for review – one Medium in brown and one Tall in black.  Medium IdealHeel is great for 2″-3″ high heels, while Tall is more suitable for heels up to 4″ high.  I slipped the Tall IdealHeel protectors over my new Giuseppe Zanotti leopard pumps (bought from ElisaV’s eBay store, still gushing!) and went on a walk around the block.

IdealHeel slips on easily

I’m pleasantly surprised that the protectors don’t make my shoes look ugly, in fact I kind of like the thicker heel!  They are sturdy and have good traction on gravel and in the grass.  I can easily slip them off my shoes and throw them in my bag when I reach my destination.

Verdict: A+ Seriously, IdealHeel is the best heel protector I’ve tried because it protects the entire heel and it seems durable too!  The only downside is that IdealHeel is made to fit standard pumps and stilettos, so if the bottom of your heel is wider than a dime, or if the heel is dramatically wider at the top, your heels may be too thick for this product.

GET YOUR OWN NOW for just $12.99 per pair at!  IdealHeel is currently available in 2 sizes and in black, dark brown, camel, clear, and pink.

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