Just for KiiX: Invisible, Invincible High Heel Protectors

How many times have you ruined a pair of shoes with a nick, scrape or scuff? Well I just found out about a revolutionary new way to protect your high heels from the hazards of everyday wear. They’re called KiiX, and they’re affordable and easy to apply. Invisible Protection That Lasts KiiX are simple to apply and remove, and leave no marks or sticky residue. Constructed from advanced polymers and consumer tested on city streets, KiiX heel protectors are engineered to protect your heels from the perils of everyday wear. Even better, they are crystal-clear so your style doesn’t suffer. Easy To Apply Make (read more)

Product Review: IdealHeel Stiletto Protector

When I’m heading out on the town in high heels, I often cringe with every step, knowing obstacles such as street grates, cracks, and cobblestone lie ahead.  Nothing ruins my day like a new scuff or gouge on my beloved heels.  That’s why, when I heard about IdealHeel I was intrigued to learn more and try them for myself.  Basically, IdealHeel is a sturdy rubber accessory that slips easily over stiletto heels to protect them from damage, so you can “Practice Safe Steps”.  Sounds great, right?  Let’s put them to the test… I received the two pairs of IdealHeel pictured (read more)

Protecting Your Pretty Heels

How horrible is it to have just bought the Jimmy Choos of your dreams, only to step out in the road and ruin them a few seconds later?  Here are a few great ways to keep your favorite high heels from getting scuffed and ruined from everyday use.  First I have to thank my friend Felicia at The Well-Heeled Society for introducing me to this neat shoe accessory that allows you to keep your pretty heels on while behind the wheel.  You can avoid what Felicia calls “Black Heel Syndrome” -damaging the back of your heels when driving, with the Achilles Shield. The Achilles Shield is (read more)