Interview With Mme Weathersby Shoes

Mme. Movie La Reine Mid Calf Boot

1. How did you come up with the idea of creating Mme. Weathersby Shoes?

Mme creates apparel, handbags, and footwear, also furniture. The shoes are getting the most buzz at this point. I love history architecture, culture, and all things feminine. That’s where my ideas come from. I can look at a petal, and in my mind, a collection can come forth.

2. Your collection is gorgeous, how do you draw inspiration for your feminine designs?

Anything that stands still, planted or moving can inspire me. I love the arts, not so much pop culture. The past inspires me more than the condition of the world today.

3. What is your favorite shoe you’ve ever created, and why?

I don’t have one, but my mother always says, “This is my favorite.” Then another design is made, and I outdo myself. I like a good challenge. I’m an INTJ, so I enjoy perfection, and want my customers to know that they have purchased a piece of wearable art, that brings them good attention.

4. Tell me a little about the process of making your shoes – how long does it take, on average, to make one shoe, for example?

It depends on the factory. I have gotten some duds, believe me when I say that. I was going to do a peacock shoe, and the factory gave me a green shoe filled with ghastly feathers and sequins. It looked like Big Bird on crack! Their favorite line, is “You don’t like?”

5. What do you look for in a shoe?

Beauty, Wearability, tailored perfect merchandise.

6. Number of shoes you own?

Basically everything you see in my collection , and then some, not all of Mme shoes are shown to the public. I do not own a pair of designer shoes, but I would like to someday. Like a pair of Chanel Ballet Flats.

7. Favorite designer?

YVES SAINT LAURENT the original master of course. I have his books, DVD of him. That man was genius and I will always love what he created, and the great skills of his business partner Pierre Berge. The old masters are dying out. I would love to have met him. Remember these were the days when the designs had classy mothers, and sophisticated lives, and imitated what they saw, but made the clothing of the future , which is what we wear today. Christan Dior, the original master, is my favorite also. Remember Yves worked for Christin Dior when he was a teenager. Oh, don’t forget the genius of modernity Mr. Lagerfeld.

8. What’s on your playlist now?

I don’t listen to that much music except for upbeat jazz like IILYA-they DIED FOR BEAUTY. That album is great A++, remember that Revlon Commercial with Halle Berry, and a song called Bellisimo. I love listening to commercials because the songs are better than those on the radio, which I don’t listen to, except for talk radio, classical, and jazz. I love my SADE, Jackson 5, and I’ve been listening to old Motown music, and rediscovered a great group from the 80’s called the System. Oh, and Robert Palmer, what a great artist.

9. What was on your Christmas wish list?

I don’t really celebrate Christmas. Maybe if I get married, or have children I will celebrate it. But very soon. I would love to go to an orphanage and give presents to those parent-less souls, and make them happy and have a pep talk with them. I have a heart for orphans, and people that can not defend themselves.

10. What’s next for Mme Weathersby?

Loads of trade shows like WSA, The Magic, La Fashion Week, hopefully to premier the apparel, furniture and perfume, Haute Couture appointments etc…

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Talking Beauty and Shoes with Nigel Barker

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Nigel Barker, renowned fashion photographer and judge of America’s Next Top Model.  His new book, Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation, offers beauty and fashion tips for every woman so she can be her best and most beautiful, from the inside out. But the book is much more than just an informative read – it prompts readers to get interactive online at and share their photos and feelings!  So what does this post have to do with shoes?  Read on to find out (Nigel has a thing for shoes!), and to learn a bit more about the book.

Can you tell us about Beauty Equation…how do you define beauty?

The purpose of the book was to discuss beauty from an inner beauty attribute standpoint.  All too often these days, when the conversation comes up, it’s often to do with skin-deep issues, and cosmetic surgery, do you have perfect skin, are you a certain size, height, build.  As someone who works in the business of fashion and beauty, I think we have to distinguish between the modeling business and being truly beautiful.  To capture a photograph that is iconic and timeless has nothing to do with if you’re a model or not.  It has to do with the life you’re leading and your spontaneity, charisma and authenticity.  Those are the things that, as a photographer, if you can capture them, bring your picture to life.  When you utilize them as a person, you have the potential to be the beautiful people we can all be.”

One of the exciting things about the book is we’ve created at the end of each chapter a series of photo challenges, video challenges and written challenges and through a form of art therapy we call Photo Therapy, we ask the readers to examine themselves by taking photos of themselves embodying the attributes in these chapters, and uploading the photos to our website where they can share their portfolios or keep them private.  If they share them, then they can really start this conversation about beauty with the whole community.

How does beauty come through for you when you’re taking a photo/on film?

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. It doesn’t matter what your facade looks like if you’re not shining through your eyes, emoting, and lack passion or that spark.  In a good photograph, you look at it, you believe it, you trust it, you’re drawn in by it.  That’s why we talk so much about personality on Top Model.

What do you think about the re-emergence of more curvaceous, “real” women walking the runways and being featured in fashion editorials?  Is this something that will stick?

I think things are changing, however the fashion business is trend-driven and things are going to come in and out of style, and we’ve had curvy models in the past.  But I think advertising as a whole is taking a different look on the issue, and we don’t have so much curvy girls, but real women in general, whether they’re curvy, or flat chested, or boyish-shaped or older or younger, and I think that’s a healthy outlook.  It’s about using common sense and promoting a healthy attitude and lifestyle instead of a body-mass index.


How important are high heels to a woman’s appearance, and tell me about this rumor I’ve heard that you have a shoe fetish…?

I am fascinated by shoes, in fact, I buy all my wife’s heels. Even this morning she told me about a pair of heels she wanted to buy and I said, ‘Wait a second, let me check this out’, because I have a thing about feet and shoes in general.  In fact, people have told me that I have a foot fetish.  I also have a heel fetish.  I love the construction of women’s shoes, it’s very smart engineering and beautifully done, and I like anything that is well-styled.  A good heel is something that’s hard to come by, and when it’s done well…I’ve spent a small fortune in Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo in the past!

Christian Louboutin Hyper Prive Peep-Toe Pumps, $865 at

Does that mean Christian Louboutin your favorite designer, er, your wife’s favorite shoe designer?

Yes, I would definitely say he would be my favorite designer, for sure.

What tips can you give our readers for walking gracefully in high heels? And looking great in a photograph in general?

I have been fairly shocked by how badly some people walk in heels!  I’m not a cross-dresser but I have tried to walk in [heels] and I actually did a pretty good job! (laughing) It’s one of those things, you’ve gotta kind of commit to it, work through the pain.  Realize this is what you’re signing up for.  When you stand on your toes, it immediately gives you extra height, and what happens to is it makes all of your muscles tense and tighten look tauter, and your physicality is accentuated.  And it works fantastically in pictures, and in fact, sometimes when I’m photographing a model above the neck, I’ll ask them to put heels on because it changes the look in thier face.

That makes total sense, because when I put on a pair of heels, I instantly feel more confident.  And I bet my readers would say the same!  Lastly, can you tell us a little bit about what charities you’re passionate about, and what other projects you have in the works?

I shot Runway Relief last month, which was an ad campaign for Nine West where the proceeds being raised went to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.  It’s a lot of fun and poignant when various elements of the fashion industry can collide and do something which is more about being a role model than a fashion model.  And as a personal note, I just signed up as the first male ambassador for the United Nation Foundation’s new charity Girl Up, just launched at the beginning of October.  I’m also working on a documentary film for the Humane Society of the United States and the Shark-Free Marina Initiative, an initiative to stop shark finning.

We’re already working on our next book, called Blossoming Beauties (click for a sneak peek!), a compilation of pregnant nude photographs that I’ve taken over the past two years.  Over 60 women of all different walks of life are featured, all in black and white, and it’s a piece to really celebrate pregnancy in all its glory, and life in general.  I have two kids of my own, and my wife appears in the book pregnant with both children. The book should be released by September of next year.

Thanks so much, Nigel!

More ways to keep up with Nigel Barker:


Twitter: @beautyequation

Facebook Page

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Q&A With Up-And-Coming Shoe Designer Ryan Haber

“I want women to feel powerful in my shoes, feel sexy, feel unstoppable.”

Finally, a footwear designer who understands the love affair women have with their shoes!  I first discovered Ryan Haber on Twitter (@RyanHaber), where his tagline is “You can tell a lot about a woman by the shoes on her feet.”  Ryan has worked for both Steve Madden and BCBGMAXAZRIA, and now he’s taking on the industry with his debut women’s footwear collection, which will be available for purchase at this December.  We’ll all have to wait just a little bit to get our hands on the shoes, but stay tuned because this is an American designer to watch.  Keep reading for my exclusive Q&A with Ryan, and a peek at one of the shoes! (scroll down)


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Interview With Lydia of The Golden Boot

Street view of The Golden Boot in England

The Golden Boot is a shoe store in England that has been around for more than 200 years, and has just started a new website for their shoes.  I interviewed Lydia of The Golden Boot (online store: to find out more about the history of this store, and here’s what she had to say:

I see The Golden Boot has been around for over 200 years! Can you please tell us a little about the store and what makes it unique?

The Golden Boot is the oldest independent shoe retailer in England.  Established in 1790 it has remained in the same family throughout its long history, and the sixth generation- Edward Martin is now Managing Director of the store.  Our diverse range of stock is what makes our shop unique. Our buyers source from all over Europe and beyond whilst remaining loyal to traditional English shoe making. It is really important for us to offer something a little different and to provide fantastic and traditional customer service.

How do the shoes available at the brick-and-mortar store differ from those on the website?

We offer the same range of shoes online as we do in our store because it is product that we know and from brands that we and our customers trust. It is very important for us to get a realistic idea of how each style fits and so on delivery the staff happily try everything on and offer great feedback on the styles we are putting online.

Do you have a favorite shoe fashion icon?

My favourite shoe icon would have to be Rupert Sanderson.  His designs are always crisp and sleek, understated and very flattering.

Panoramic picture of the ladies section in The Golden Boot

Are there any speial online sales going on right now that my readers should know about? (And can we offer Shoe Smitten readers a special discount code?)

We do have our end of season sale on at the moment, we have a selection of Ladies shoes at great discounted price. If Shoe Smitten readers use the code “exclusive” in the promotion box they will be entitled to an extra 10% off the entire sale.

Can you share with us a few of your bestselling womens and mens styles?

Our best sellers for ladies this season have been-
Romika Ethnic, which was a really popular summer mule, it literally sold out in the lime green in a matter of days.
Birkenstocks have had a great season this year, we find that the floral patterned styles are the most popular.
Gabor Stand, a classic summer pump with leather knot detailing, it came in white, red and black and received a great reaction in store.
Our best sellers for mens this season have been-
Anantomic Gel Tapajos, a really comfortable shoe from a company that is at the forefront of comfort technology.
Pikolinos Tibet, a continental and casual style typically Spanish.
Timberland 72565, a classic deck shoe, perfect for the summer months.

What would you change about the current shoe retail industry?

I think I would like to see more independent retailers offering something a little different.  Every High Street shoe brand offers the same styles and from the same settings. I think that little companies offer great product and add character to the trade.

What’s next for The Golden Boot?

At present we are getting ready for the Back to School rush, our busiest period of the year. We are also going to be doing lots more work on our website, getting all the new AW 2009 range available to buy from the site and working hard to offer a unique range of shoes.

Thanks Lydia!  Visit to learn more and view the assortment of shoes The Golden Boot has to offer.

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ShoeHunting Featured in Lollieshopping’s Interview of the Month!

Check out the interview Laura posted on her site today.  You’ll learn more about ShoeHunting, and about how I came to adore shoes.  If you don’t know by now, I am Community Manager at ShoeHunting in addition to maintaining Shoe Smitten. If you love shoes, and I mean REALLY LOVE SHOES, then you absolutely must join and use ShoeHunting. The site allows shoe lovers to find shoes, tag them, save them and even share them with other shoe lovers. It’s your virtual shoe closet, complete with a community and blog. Learn how it works here.

Read the full interview here and show my good friend some love:

By the way, Laura is a bargain hunter and a sweet friend to have, so if you’re on Twitter add her @lollieshopping.

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