Interview With Julie Frederickson of

  I’ve been enjoying getting to know my fellow shoe and fashion bloggers through these interviews.  If you’d like to be featured, email me at shoe_smitten(at)yahoo(dot)com.  Today I’m thrilled to bring you an interview with Julie Fredrickson of Almost Heeled!  This brilliant glamour girl also founded the popular fashion blog Coutorture. After interviewing Julie, I was surprised to find that she and I have much in common.  Julie says she is a “fashion geek”, and her blog was born out of an affinity for shoes – she wanted to share the shoes in her daily life.  I started Shoe Smitten for a similar (read more)

Interview With Da Vinci of

Today’s interview is with Da Vinci of Da Vinci’s Blog Log (or D.V.B.L) Anna: When did you first become interested in fashion? Da Vinci: I’ve honestly always had a sense of fashion. It was passed on from my mother, when we were growing up she loved buying the latest Italian or Parisian fashions and shoes. In fact it inspired my sister and I to do our own designs and catalogs when I was about 4 and she was 8. Anna: Describe your fashion/shopping expertise? Da Vinci: I wouldn’t call myself an expert or guru, I just REALLY appreciate the art (read more)

Interview With Laura of

This is the second interview of what I hope will be a continuing series in which I introduce influential fashion bloggers and their takes on shoes.  Today, we have Laura Coronado of Lollie Shopping.  Laura started the blog Lollie Shopping in October of 2007.  Lollie Shopping is a state of mind – a genuine appreciation for savvy fashion, style and shopping.  And I think you’ll agree with that statement after reading the interview below that Laura has an amazing sense of style when it comes to shoes!  (Just look at the fabulous pink boots she’s wearing!) Anna: When did you become interested in fashion? Laura: (read more)

Q&A With Maggi Mercado of Asgi Shoes

I had the opportunity to ask Maggi Mercado, design director of Asgi shoes, a few questions about her own style, the Asgi brand and her fashion advice for you (men and women).  She has some great advice that I think all of you will benefit from, and she offers an exciting sneak peak into what’s next for Asgi shoes.  Check it out! 1. How would you describe your overall everyday ‘style’? I travel a great deal, move around a lot, and therefore wear trousers, pants suits and narrow jeans a lot with the Carina Bootie and the Roma Bootie. The (read more)

*NEW* Product Reviews!

I look forward to trying out and promoting great new shoes and accessories. If you want to submit a product for review, just contact me. I will feature your product on my blog under the category “Reviews”, and recommend it to others when I’ve fallen in love with it! I’d also love to interview shoe and accessory designers, it’s always great to make new friends! Once my store is up and running (this summer), I will consider selling the products that I’ve tried out. I will only sell shoes that I personally would recommend to my friends! :)