Shoe Smitten’s Budding Love Affair With Boots

(Kissing a Ballin boot at WSA last February) Despite loving and obsessing over shoes, I’ve never been crazy about boots…that is until recently.  Boots always seemed like a necessary, utilitarian type of footwear.  Boots got me from point A to point B without getting my feet muddy or wet, all (read more)

Jewel-Tone Shoes Rule Supreme This Fall

Shoes play their part as foot jewelry this fall as footwear designers let rich, luxurious jewel tones inspire them.  Add a little sparkle to some pretty purple, red or blue pumps, as shown on these Casadei Women’s 3017 Pumps, to give your look the royalty treatment!  Here are a few (read more)

Anna’s Top Ten Must-Have Shoes For Fall, $150 or Less

Fall’s just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about what shoes to buy for the season.  Below I’ve highlighted the hottest trends, and these are the shoes you need to add to your wardrobe before summer’s end.  I say this later, but if you only try one (read more)

Guide To Wearing OTK Boots (Keep It Classy!)

Over the knee: Fall’s high notes bring knee-skimming styles to great heights. When you hear the phrase “over-the-knee boots”, you probably think of the movie “Pretty Woman“, like my Twitter friends @katefogarty and @MissGerri.  But move over, Julia Roberts!  Over-the-knee boots can actually look quite chic, when they aren’t pointy (read more)