How to Keep Athletic Shoes Fresh

If you’re like me, the start of the summer season has you scrambling to get in swimsuit shape. That means your running shoes and gym sneakers are probably taking a real beating this month. Sweat and grime are inevitable, but with a few simple steps, you can prolong the life of your athletic shoes. My latest article on provides you with 8 Ways to Keep Athletic Shoes Fresh. Take a look and then let me know, how do you show your athletic shoes the TLC they need?

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Organize Your Shoes The Tszuji Way!

Perhaps it’s a bit ridiculous for me to say that a few shoe shelves and boxes have changed my life…but they have!  About a week ago, a company named Tszuji offered me the chance to review a few of its shoe storage products, and you can see the results above.  Read my full review and see more photos at my new blog  It’s necessary for shoe lovers to be well-organized, and the products from Tszuji are sturdy, easy to assemble and great investments to make!

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Product Review: IdealHeel Stiletto Protector

Ideal Heel "Practice Safe Steps"

When I’m heading out on the town in high heels, I often cringe with every step, knowing obstacles such as street grates, cracks, and cobblestone lie ahead.  Nothing ruins my day like a new scuff or gouge on my beloved heels.  That’s why, when I heard about IdealHeel I was intrigued to learn more and try them for myself.  Basically, IdealHeel is a sturdy rubber accessory that slips easily over stiletto heels to protect them from damage, so you can “Practice Safe Steps”.  Sounds great, right?  Let’s put them to the test…

I tried the IdealHeel on my Giuseppe Zanotti pumps

I received the two pairs of IdealHeel pictured above for review – one Medium in brown and one Tall in black.  Medium IdealHeel is great for 2″-3″ high heels, while Tall is more suitable for heels up to 4″ high.  I slipped the Tall IdealHeel protectors over my new Giuseppe Zanotti leopard pumps (bought from ElisaV’s eBay store, still gushing!) and went on a walk around the block.

IdealHeel slips on easily

I’m pleasantly surprised that the protectors don’t make my shoes look ugly, in fact I kind of like the thicker heel!  They are sturdy and have good traction on gravel and in the grass.  I can easily slip them off my shoes and throw them in my bag when I reach my destination.

Verdict: A+ Seriously, IdealHeel is the best heel protector I’ve tried because it protects the entire heel and it seems durable too!  The only downside is that IdealHeel is made to fit standard pumps and stilettos, so if the bottom of your heel is wider than a dime, or if the heel is dramatically wider at the top, your heels may be too thick for this product.

GET YOUR OWN NOW for just $12.99 per pair at!  IdealHeel is currently available in 2 sizes and in black, dark brown, camel, clear, and pink.

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Shoe Angels: Protect the Shoes You Love

Hot pavement, ugly weather, city streets, and just daily wear and tear…our beautiful shoes take a real beating.  But what if you could safeguard your shoes from these things and make your shoes last longer?  Well, Shoe Angels were created to protect your shoes from scuffs and damage caused by using the gas and break pedals while driving.  They make it easy for you to protect your shoes while driving, and in a manner that respects the aesthetic appeal of the shoe.

I tried out the Shoe Angels on a pair of my own heels (my prized Betseyville Valyn polka-dot pumps).  I wear these shoes often, and the stacked heel could use some extra protection from scuffs.  When I drove in them, I noticed that the protectors did indeed protect my heels from hitting my pedals.

Applying the protectors was a breeze, and they are nearly impossible to detect once placed on the shoe.  Take a look at the pic below: can you tell which shoe has the protectors?

Shoe Angels do what they claim to do, 100%.  But in my opinion, it might be just as easy to slip on a different pair of shoes for the drive.  However, if you find yourself in a situation where you will be getting in and out of the car often or carpooling, then Shoe Angels will definitely come in handy.  Another selling point is that Shoe Angels are reusable for several applications.  If you buy the Deluxe Package, a designer carrying case is included for easy storage of both used and unused protectors.  I think the case is absolutely adorable!

Designed to fit all shoe sizes and styles, from flats to stilettos and everything in between, Shoe Angels are also ideal for all shoe colors because they are transparent.  However, Shoe Angels are not recommended for delicate finishes (such as suede or snake skins).

The Shoe Angels Company is dedicated to helping women feel beautiful while wearing their favorite shoes by bringing to market quality products that will preserve the life and protect the finish of the shoes they love.  Visit for more product and ordering information.

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Smart Shoe Care Tips

I was reading the August edition of InStyle magazine and thought I’d share these helpful shoe care tips with you.  It’s important to show your shoes some love to get the most out of them.  Especially if you’re investing in a pair of designer shoes you hope will last you years!  For example, the luxurious leather GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI – ZIP FLAP LOW BOOTS shown above.

  • Leather shoes should be protected even before wearing, with a spray on stain guard.  Try Leather Spa’s Shoe Protector, $8.  Remember to spray the soles, too!
  • You probably don’t consider carrying baby wipes around with you unless you’re a mom, but in a storm, they’re great for spot cleaning leather in a pinch.
  • Suede should be cleaned frequently with a suede brush to keep the material looking new and get rid of accumulated dust and dirt.
  • Shoe trees can help to prolong the life of a shoe by 4 or 5 years.  Choose a cedar shoe tree to absorb moisture and give a wonderful scent to your shoes.
  • Stilettos should have the soles and heels reinforced before wearing.

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TLC For Your Soles (and Heels)

Last Friday night I stayed in, and after a few hours of watching TV and playing on, I was struck with guilt about not taking proper care of the shoes I have.  Why am I looking at new shoes online when I can make the shoes I already own look new?  I have nice shoes – they just need a little TLC.  I glanced over the couch at my collection, and thought about how I stuff my shoes back in their cubbies when I’m done with them, without bothering to clean off the soles or heels.  At that rate, my shoes will need to be replaced at a much faster rate than I’d like.  So I took the hour to clean each pair with a damp cloth and wipe out the cubby holes.

From now on, I vow to clean my shoes each time I wear them before returning them to their place on the shelf.

This mini-cleaning spree of mine got me to thinking, what’s the best way to keep all of my shoes in good condition?  Now I have all sorts of shoes: leather, suede, cloth, faux fur…so one method won’t work for all.  Here’s what I found after researching how to care for shoes of different materials:


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