How To Wear Wedges

How To Wear Wedges

Wedge heels come in all heights and styles, from sky-high to barely-there. Choose a multi-colored statement wedge, such as the Jessica Simpson Cosset, or a versatile black wedge, such as the Call It Spring Gorgeia (both pictured above).  Wedges are a must-have for every woman’s spring wardrobe, and while they are an extremely fashionable and versatile choice, they aren’t always easy to pull off when it comes to styling. Before we explore how to wear wedges, let’s look at what defines a wedge, and the pros and cons of wearing this fashion-forward shoe style.

The Difference Between Wedges and Other Heels

Instead of pushing up the heel with a stem-like protrusion, a wedge heel, which is higher in the back of the shoe and lower in the front, runs under the length of the foot. Wedge heels range from low to high, and the shape and length of the heel classify the shoe as a wedge.

Pros and cons to consider:

Pros: The wedge adds height, but it is more stable and easier to walk in than regular stiletto or stacked high heels. Wedges work well with nearly any length of dress, from mini-dresses to floor-skimming gowns. They help bigger ankles appear smaller and prettier, thanks to their defined geometric shape. For spring and summer months, wedge sandals made of cork are extremely light and breathable. And, unlike stilettos, you can wear wedges to outdoor barbecues or the beach without worrying about your heels getting stuck in the sand!

Cons: Wedges are still heels, so they will not be as comfortable as flats. You will need to practice walking in any new pair of wedges you buy, as the height and shape of each wedge vary. This style of shoe also tends to convey a more casual attitude – it is hard to find a truly elegant wedge for occasions that call for formal attire. Also, they tend to look unwieldy when worn with tight-fitting pants or skirts.

How To Wear Wedges

Wedges look most flattering when worn with loose, flowing fabrics such as long pleated skirts, wrap dresses, and wide or flared pants and gauchos. However, wedges are versatile, and can be paired with anything from jeans to dresses, depending on their style and color.

In general, stay away from wearing capris with wedges as the shoes may make your bare lower legs appear heavier. Instead, channel your inner bohemian with a pair of cork wedges and a maxi sun dress, or go for a preppy look with red elastic strap wedges, crisp white dress pants, a wide belt, and a striped boatneck shirt.

Now that you have some ideas about how to wear the wedge, you can step out in confidence in this must-have shoe style. Remember to have fun with styling your wedges, and don’t be afraid to try a new look.

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Bucco Cilla Platform Wedges Review

Looking for a wear-if-you-dare wedge?  Take a walk on the wild side in these towering heels!  The Bucco Cilla Platform Wedge will give you an instant 6-inch boost and has an exotic snakeskin pattern is that can be worn with all types of outfits. They are perfect for a memorable night out on the town. Think Vegas, baby!!  I was actually surprised at how easy they are to walk in, once you get used to the new vantage point ;)

Currently $64.99 at

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Turquoise T-Strap Wedges by Christian Siriano

Ladies, we all know that every warm-weather wardrobe requires a chic, versatile wedge sandal.  This charming (and affordable!) t-strap sandal from Christian Siriano brings you serious style for everyday wear.  The splash of turquoise will spruce up any look, from a white dress to denim cutoffs or capris, and the 4-inch woven straw wedge heel and platform lends a natural touch.

Christian Siriano understands the importance of both comfort and style.  His t-strap wedges feature an adjustable ankle strap as well as a lightly padded insole.  The Christian Siriano for Payless T-strap Wedges are available in regular and wide sizes and also in black or coral at Payless, and currently on sale for $19.99!

Which wedge sandals are you stocking up on this season?

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Fashion Forward Summer Wedges Under $100

Wedges, particularly espadrilles and cork wedges are the best thing about Summer. Check out the video above in which Sears Shoe Fashion Expert Francesca Mills highlights some of the season’s trendiest wedge styles. Below I’ve suggested a few of my own wedge picks that feature a few of my favorite things – bold shapes, neon and texture.  Tell me, which fits your style best?

Wood: Two Lips Ditto Slingback Sandal, $62.81 at Endless

Cork: Michael Antonio Globe Wedge Sandal, $45 at Endless

Espadrille: Rosegold Cali Raffia Wedge Sandals, $97.50 at Shopbop

Also check out my recent post about my 5 favorite espadrilles under $50!

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Spring Forward With The Season’s Hottest Shoes

Today marks the first official day of spring, which means it’s time to bring out those sandals!  During this week I’m going to present to you a few shoes from my own collection that I just can’t wait to wear.  LOOK FOR VIDEO CLIPS! :)  I’ll be showing off embellished flats, thong sandals, sandal booties and more, so stay tuned!  Now here are my thoughts on some of the top shoe trends for spring 2011:


My favorite!  This is a popular look every spring, but this year look for flats, wedges and even platform pumps with rope soles.  If you only buy one shoe for spring, I suggest the Kelsi Dagger Ivy espadrille wedge, so chic!


The military shoe trend is still going strong, especially when it comes to open toe booties.  These Report Mozelle open toe ankle boots are the prefect way to make your favorite sundress less frou-frou and more fashion-forward.


I am not at all a fan of flatforms.  Sure, this style gives you a bit of lift without pitching you forward on your toes, but I don’t see anything avant garde or “good-looking” about these shoes.  They’re not at all flattering, or easy to walk in for that matter. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention them here, because they’re being touted all over the fashion blogosphere as one of the hottest trends to watch.  At least I’m not alone – ShoeBlog wonders why flatforms are sweeping spring shelves.

Statement Wedges

The higher and brighter, the better!  I particularly love wedges with bold prints, like these Julian Louie for Aldo wedge booties.  Wait until you see my Michael Kors wedges, they’re super-high, super-light and I swear I can wear them all day long.

Embellished Flat Sandals

This week I’ll show you my favorite new pair of flat sandals, with plenty of elegant embellishment.  No one should have to resort to regular old flip flops when you can wear these Jessica Simpson embellished thong sandals!

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